• Baby Club art: A trio of images with a bespoke illustration set this nursery off nicely

Nursery wall art:

Finally, unique hand-drawn animal designs mixed onto my own baby portraits!

Welcome to my blog all about creating gorgeous nursery wall art, unique to you.

I’ve created hundreds of different wall displays for clients over the years, and this is one part of my job that I truly love, as all the planning and design from way before the photoshoot, comes together.

But with the advance of mobile phone cameras and amazing, easy-to-use editing apps, it forces us photographers to up our game and offer something totally unique and memorable to the market.

Enter this amazing nursery wall art: available exclusively as part of my new Baby Club. I’m sure you’ll love the designs as much me – and please get in touch if you’re keen to see your baby featured.

Baby wall art
Nursery Wall Art: An elephant interacts with baby Cleo
Baby Club image of butterfly landing on newborn baby
Baby Club: Illustrator Lauren Rolfe has designed a unique range of drawings to elevate photos

Nursery wall art that means something

Families who come to my studio for newborn or baby photoshoots often ask me whether I also print out pictures and if I can handle framing and nursery wall arts for them.

This is one part of the job that I absolutely love and for me it completes my service to you.

What’s the point of going to the trouble of hiring a pro to capture photographs of your little miracle, only for those images to sit collecting virtual dust on a memory stick?

Creating portraits for you to hang and enjoy is a chance for me to help you achieve your vision when you first come to me: some beautiful wall art for your living room or baby nursery, making your house a home and bringing you special memories every time you look at the piece.

It’s a real honour to play the role of interior designer-come-photographer, designing whole wall galleries all to your taste and perfection.

Well, now I’m proud to say I can go one step further and produce the most exclusive, gorgeous nursery wall art for you and your baby.

I’ve teamed up with the immensely talented local illustrator and artist Lauren Rolfe to offer a unique perspective on baby portraits.

And in this blog, I’m going to show you a sneak peek of how I have created this gorgeous art.

No other nursery wall art like it!

It struck me that many families love to display animals in their baby’s nursery or may have a love of a particular animal from their own childhood, which they just know will carry on into their own infant’s play and comfort.

Imagine combining your favourite animal, sketched in the most natural and fabulous way, with a darling portrait of your little cherub!

This is what my new art offers and it’s totally new and exclusive.

With Lauren, we have created five unique designs for you to elevate your portraits to the next level.

Included in the collection is an elephant, a bunny rabbit, a cute mouse, a butterfly and a set of balloons – perfect for celebrating the milestone of birth itself or a special occasion like a child’s first birthday.

Baby Club art: A trio of images with a bespoke illustration set this nursery off nicely
Nursery wall art: Combining your child's favourite animal design with your favourite photo

Nursery wall art: A special picture of your baby celebrating her first birthday is made even better with an original sketch
Nursery Wall Art: An elephant interacts with baby Cleo

Find a design that suits you

You can pick one of our designs or even get Lauren to draw you something animal-related that’s completely unique to you.

I then style the whole photoshoot and photograph in a way that I know I will be super-imposing those images over the top, creating the most amazing combined images that will make you smile and impress visitors every time!

I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to hang something in your home, if you’re going to dedicate wall space to a certain frame or portrait you want it to be meaningful and right for you, individual and crafted.

Anything hanging on your walls and taking up space has to be worth it and deserve to be there; that’s what this series aims to achieve!

It’s also amazing if you don’t know what to hang in your baby’s nursery to make it really cozy and warm and feel like a loving room.

How I did it

So here, I’ve got a time-lapse video of how I actually superimpose one of these beautiful animal sketches onto a baby portrait.

The technique has taken a bit of perfecting but I think you’ll agree the end result is fabulous and pretty realistic.

I add shadows and reflections to the animal to create the illusion that they are really there in the picture.

And if you’re wondering how I actually photograph babies to get this effect then check out the video of the actual photoshoot too! See how I pose babies and arrange the set so that I can get the best out of these moments.

Not only do I create the most magical and classic portraits but I save a few shots for the knowledge that I’ll be adding photoshop effects afterwards!

I think it’s so important in this day and age, when we all have phone cameras and those phone cameras are becoming more and more advanced, (with amazing manual features like blurring out backgrounds or focusing so much detail in the shot,) to stand out as a leading photographer. And to offer something different that not every parent can do – or has the time and patience to do.

Combining these fantastic sketches with beautiful baby portraits is just the start as well; who knows where this might go and what will happen to the industry and what’s on offer, the more us photographers can offer something different.

Design nursery wall art with your baby!

I’m offering this wonderful service to anyone who signs up to my new Baby Club.

In fact, this art is so exclusive it’s only available as part of my Baby Club.

What’s the baby club?

So my baby club is three photoshoots of your child, from sitting up age (around 7 months) all the way through to toddlerdom in your baby’s second year.

You choose when you’d like me to capture your infant and what milestones are important to you. Typically families choose sitting up, first birthday and a special family photoshoot in the park with all members of the family photoshoot involved.

The first two are excellent chances to make some unique nursery wall art in my studio.

To join my Baby Club it’s just £190 for all three photoshoots!!

Digital images and prints are extra. AND if you’ve already been a client of mine, say, at the newborn stage and you purchased Create A Collection, then the price of the Baby Club goes down to just £95. It’s a bargain to access all this unique photoshop wizardry and talent!

To benefit from your own unique portrait of your baby with a beautiful animal sketch, contact Louisa to become a member of her Baby Club.

Muswell Hill baby photographer Louisa Peacock

Louisa is the owner of Louisa Peacock Photography and runs an award-winning studio in her own home in Muswell Hill. She specialises in family, baby and newborn photography in the studio or out and about in London’s beautiful parks. Above all her photoshoots are relaxed, fun and meaningful.