Kids photoshoot ideas: Why you need to let your kids 'misbehave'

What if your children don’t behave on the day of the photoshoot? What if they won’t sit still? Just won’t smile? Does the idea of a family photoshoot in the park quite simply put the fear of God into you? Read on!

Best family photographers capture real moments, like this one between dad and his two children

A behind-the-scenes video showing how I go about a family photoshoot in a North London park (Kenwood House, Hampstead Heath). This super family with two lovely children, Reyna and Alfie, allow me to show you how I do my day job. Watch first-hand how I capture incredible spontaneous, candid images.

Family of four come together for an outdoor family photograph

It’s one of the worst things to have to worry about: what to wear on your upcoming photoshoot? Let Louisa advise you on your wardrobe choices so that your images stand the test of time