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So, why book a family photoshoot?

Well, time flies. How did your tiny baby grow up so suddenly? For me, the best family photographers can stop time with amazing images. Capturing the most natural, candid moments of your kids, just as they are, just being them.

I’m Louisa, I’m a family photographer in North London, and here’s a little behind-the-scenes video of a typical family outdoors photoshoot, with Anna & Adam and their beautiful children Reyna and Alfie. In this video, you’ll see what it’s like having a family photoshoot in the park and what to expect.

The park in question is the fabulous, secluded walled garden near Kenwood House, off Hampstead Lane in the Hampstead Heath, London.

Indoors vs outdoors

Many families choose to have their photos taken in their favourite local park. This gives children the space and freedom to run around and have fun. And it’s because my golden rule when it comes to photographing little ones is: let the kids be kids! I treat the whole session like a really fun playdate, where we get the kids involved in something they love and do something that makes them laugh.

A candid ‘documentary style’ photoshoot in the comfort of your own home is also really popular as it captures life as it really is, within your home environment. This blog shows you a typical photoshoot outdoors. For indoors photos please see this page.

A dad hugs his little girl tight during a family photoshoot in north London
The best family photographers are able to capture the whole family naturally without it looking posed
Kids photoshoot ideas: Why you need to let your kids 'misbehave'
This little boy relaxes and enjoys time with one of the best family photographers in London

What if my child doesn’t behave on the day?

This is the number one question I’m asked from anxious parents!

Let me tell you: there’s no such thing as the perfectly behaved child and I truly encourage kids to just be themselves and show me what they like to do. As one of London’s best family photographers, you can trust me to make the whole session as smooth and enjoyable as it possibly can be. I spend a lot of the photoshoot down on the ground, at their eye level, to capture the world as they see it and to interact with them better.

Us parents also have loads of fun, we spend a lot of time giggling and after a short while you forget the camera is even there. I know how daunting it can be to ‘act natural’ in front of the camera and to try to really be yourself in the moment. But I promise you, by the end of the session, you’ll feel completely at ease and that way we’ll capture gorgeous, natural images.

Do it for your kids!

So often, mums and dads are the ones behind the camera taking a snapshot on our phone and we rarely get to be in the picture with our kids, so this is a really good chance to capture parents enjoying precious time with their little ones while they’re still so young. These are the photos your kids are going to want to see when they grow up and the best family photographers will spend time capturing them.

With toddlers, and as a matter of fact, with most children under around 8 years old, you really can’t expect to direct them or tell them where to stand or what to do.

In any case, it would be totally boring to just expect kids to sit and smile and say ‘cheese’ for the whole time. You just want to let the photoshoot unfold naturally and that way everyone will relax and enjoy it.

The best family photographers are baby-led, child-led. No ifs or buts.

The photoshoot is totally children-led and that means it really is down to them as to what we end up doing, when and how. For older kids, they get to ‘call the shots’ which they love as they can finally be in charge and tell mum and dad which games to play and where to go. I also play with your children and make the whole thing as fun as possible. But if they need a break or just aren’t feeling it for a bit, that’s fine too.

It’s likely we’ll take a little break at some point and the kids can enjoy some snacks. This is another opportunity for me to get to know them and you better and to ‘break the ice’ so everyone feels comfortable.

It’s a real pleasure for me to be invited into your life for a brief while, to get to know you a little bit and to capture the most special images for you. It’s a genuine privilege and as one of London’s best family photographers, it’s something I’m renowned for. Often, children ask their parents when they can come back to have another playdate with me as they enjoyed their time so much. This is something I take real pride in and am chuffed to be able to speak about.

Take your time!

As a mum of two young boys myself, I know you can’t control how little kids will behave on the day and so I just take my time and let the process unfold naturally without trying to push it. I deliberately don’t book any other photoshoots on the day of your session, so that there’s plenty of time to capture what we need without it feeling rushed or pressured.

On average a family photoshoot takes between 1-2 hours, maybe a little less if the kids are super young and tire easily.

Best family photographer: A hilarious moment between mum and two kids as she cuddles them both at the same time

Your experience

Above all, booking me to take your family portraits is more than just a photoshoot. It’s an experience. Let’s face it, what else would you expect from one of the best family photographers in London?

A really memorable experience that you can look back on for many years to come.  After all, the best photos come from spontaneous and genuine expressions captured in the moment, messing about and having fun, and that’s what I’m known for.  

You can’t ‘pose’ or fake these genuine, candid moments and although I have a good idea of the types of images I’m after, I can’t and wouldn’t want to predict what will happen on the day. 

Over the years, I’ve photographed kids of all ages, from babies and toddlers through to pre-school and primary school years. Each session is entirely led by your children – I’ve never yet done a session where kids didn’t join in and end up having fun, even if they were a bit shy to start with. 

I hope this blog and accompanying video has given you a really good insight into what’s involved on a fun family photoshoot in the park.

If you’re thinking of getting some family portraits done and want to chat about how this could work for you, please get in touch. You can ring or text me or pop me an email.

There’s no ‘right time’

All I would say is, though don’t delay! Just think how quickly your kids have grown up already. Don’t wait for the ‘right time’ to capture the best, most spontaneous images of you and your kids, having fun together. There is no right time. The right time, or perfect time, doesn’t really exist. The right time is now. Your children are ready and willing right now.

Let’s create your legacy together.

Family ‘poses’.

Trust me, I don’t ask you to pose. I hear you when you say you don’t want those tired and staged images of everyone looking at the camera saying cheese. I hear that you don’t want that same old photo that everyone has had done just because it’s apparently what a family photoshoot means.

I’m not about cliches or fake smiles or posing. At all.

In fact, I really turn into a fly-on-the-wall photographer, capturing the best moments without having to intervene. I find it’s the ordinary moments that become extraordinary. A gentle pat on your son’s head as he passes by. An irresistible kiss on your daughter’s shoulder as she shows you the really interesting leaf she just found. It’s the look you give dad when you see your children messing about and having a great time.

All these connections, and moments, are what I love to capture on camera. To stop time and remember how it was to be you. I really don’t think there’s any need to pose you, as you’ll already do everything that’s needed to look great on camera, without even realising it!

The ‘family portrait’

Some families prefer all of their images to look natural and candid, i.e. absolutely no looking at the camera at all and it’s just me photographing them going about their business with no direction or instructions from me. That’s fine and you end up with some amazing images.

Others would like me to take a few of the family unit together, a moment in time where you’re all purposefully together and saying, ‘hey, this is us’.

Most families like a combination of both: the unplanned, unstaged images as well as a few more purposeful and ‘together’ shots, probably where one or more of the family are looking at the camera but in a totally relaxed way.

There’s no right or wrong way of doing things, it’s purely up to you and I can of course help you work out what you like best before we go ahead, so I know what to plan for. The best family photographers will always help you decide what type of session you’re after.

The best family photography sessions are free and relaxed.
You've got to keep it real during the best family photography session in London

Kids growing up too fast? Or have you recently welcomed a new addition to your family?

Have you ever thought about getting a family photoshoot done?

What style of photography do you prefer? 

Tell me in the comments below.

A dad catches his daughter after she ran towards him during a family photoshoot London
A girl eats a biscuit during a family photoshoot North London

The golden hour

Experiencing a photoshoot from one of London’s best family photographers will be a magical and fun moment, for sure.

Typically, and especially if you have older children who can stay up just a little bit later, I’d say do your photoshoot during the golden hour. This is the hour or so before the sunset and in the summer months that can be around 6:30pm to 7:30pm. It will be worth it for the backlit, dreamy setups you see here and it’s a really flattering light too.

For me, great family photography is about capturing moments, it’s about capturing childhood itself. And for me, there’s something about a dreamy backlit sunset that encapsulates this feeling really well.

How do you wanna feel?

Think about, what you’d like to feel when you look at your family photographs? Do you want just a simple record of you and your children together? Yes, of course. But do you also want a really amazing, creative, meaningful shot, full of emotion and warmth, that you’d be proud to display in your home and show off to family and friends? Yes, of course.

That’s why the golden hour is my favourite time of day to photograph in. That’s not to say that other times don’t work. Of course with younger children, it’s impossible to keep them up so late in the summer. I have tricks and techniques up my sleeve for getting the best light no matter what time of day it is, so don’t worry.

Above all, I’d say think about what type of photography makes you tick – what would you love to see of your family on the walls in your own home?

I’d love to chat this through with you if you get a moment. Just give me a call.

Muswell Hill baby photographer Louisa Peacock

Louisa is the owner of Louisa Peacock Photography and runs an award-winning studio in her own home in Muswell Hill. She specialises in maternity, family, baby, and newborn photography in the studio or out and about in London’s beautiful parks. Above all her photoshoots are relaxed, fun, and meaningful.

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