So.. what’s it really like doing a pregnancy photoshoot?

As a top London maternity photographer, I’m super proud to be able to ‘present’ to you how my pregnancy photoshoots work, in this special behind-the-scenes video of my work.

The amazing Toni from Sugar Sweet Productions filmed me ‘in the zone’, helping to pose this lovely mama and getting some fabulous photographs.

As you can see in the video we try a variety of different poses and the theme for this one was my signature style: white!

When to do a pregnancy photoshoot?

Typically I say anywhere between 29-33 weeks pregnant is a great time to get your Bump photographed. This is when you will have a nice, round belly growing – but you’ll still be relatively comfortable and able to move about with relative ease.

Natural, neutral and timeless

Much like my newborn photography, I keep the studio natural and neutral by really toning down the backdrops and outfits during my London maternity photography sessions. That way the focus is all about beautiful mama and Bump and not about what she is wearing or how the backdrop is!

I often see pregnancy photoshoots as a challenge to myself to stop time, exactly as it is, but also make sure that these images stand the test of time and won’t look dated in years to come.

If you’re wondering where to do a pregnancy photoshoot, I believe one of the best places is in a studio, where the lighting and temperature are controlled but also where you can truly let go and feel comfortable without anyone else looking at you. A studio set-up also helps to keep the look and feel of the photograph classic and timeless.

The old adage less is more couldn’t be more true here. I set up the session so the focus is all about you and your bump, helping you to stop time in its tracks and create classic images that you’ll be proud to show to your family and friends – and of course to your children when they grow up.

Make a piece of art

The good thing about keeping things simple and classic is that when you come to print, you have lots of options for amazing art pieces that won’t age or go out of trend.

This glorious wall frame looks incredible in this bedroom, a stunning reminder of how the miracle of life is born.

As I’m a full-service studio, I offer you a complete design of your images from start to finish, including hanging your favourite portraits on the wall. Check out my frames and finishes to find one that you like.

A beautiful, natural pose of a pregnant lady hangs in the bedroom after her pregnancy photoshoot, London
A gorgeous mama to be strikes a bold pose for her pregnancy photographer London shoot

The secret about Photoshop.

With the best industry lighting, and 10 years plus experience of using a great camera, there is really little need for Photoshop. Any good London maternity photographer will tell you the same thing. If I do use editing tools, then I slightly enhance my images to make sure that mama looks her best – but her best ‘natural’ self – not an idealised version of herself.

I truly believe that everyone who walks through my door has the power and capability to look truly stunning. You don’t have to be a size 8, or a certain height, or even have the ‘right’ colour hair to have your pregnancy photos done. I will make you look and feel amazing no matter your size.

And just think, even if you’re not 100% convinced that you need to be in front of the camera at 8 months pregnant, I completely get that – your body has changed and you probably feel exhausted – just think of this: you’re doing it for your unborn child.

How cool will it be for them to grow up and see images of themselves inside mama’s tummy, with mama looking so fabulous and natural as well?

Types of pose

As with all my photoshoots, from newborn to toddler, I try not to pose/ over-think each set-up too much as I want each image to look natural and relaxed. The same is true for pregnancy photography.

I truly believe that all mamas that come through my door, no matter their height, size, skin colour, or hair colour, are perfect just the way they are. It’s about promoting body confidence.

You don’t need a mountain of make-up or props to make you look your best and in fact, I often find that less is more.

Small steps…

Just a few simple lights and a few simple body outfits are all you need to really look and feel fabulous.

You don’t have to worry about how to pose, because I will guide you every step of the way. Simple touches are all that’s needed as most people find that all they really need to do is stand comfortably, after all, they are carrying extra weight and I want you to feel supported and natural.

A delighted mama poses for her pregnancy photographer London session

Are you pregnant? Or do you know someone who is?

Ask yourself… would you ever get you and your bump photographed?

If not, what’s holding you back? 

Tell me in the comments below.

A pregnant lady stands tall during a maternity photography London photoshoot

Give yourself just 30 minutes

It’s OK, I get it. I’ve been pregnant twice before and I know how hard it can be to feel comfortable or to even contemplate the thought of looking your best for photos.

But that’s where I come in, a top London maternity photographer with 15 years of experience behind the camera. I have the best industry lighting, and the know-how to make you look outstanding no matter your size or height.

If I can talk to you straight up, just for a minute… Just give yourself 30 minutes to give it a try. Come for a half-hour session, a cup of tea, and a chat and I promise, you’ll find it more relaxing than perhaps you first thought.

Think about who you’re doing it for.

It may not be for yourself – but think of your unborn child inside your tummy. How cool will it be in 3 years, 5 years, even 10 years’ time, to show them how much you cared about them? You can say that you took the time out of your day to record and remember the time they were growing inside your belly. And it’s a moment you’ll treasure for many years to come, long after your pregnancy and well into your motherhood days.

If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your child.

Muswell Hill baby photographer Louisa Peacock

Louisa is the owner of Louisa Peacock Photography and runs an award-winning studio in her own home in Muswell Hill. She specialises in maternity, family, baby, and newborn photography in the studio or out and about in London’s beautiful parks. Above all her photoshoots are relaxed, fun, and meaningful.

Like what you see?

Ring me for a free consultation today. I know how daunting it can be to book a London maternity photographer for the first time, so I’m here anytime to chat through any questions you have. I promise not to bombard you with sales talk and I’ll listen to what you want in a photographer.

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