So.. what’s it really like doing a newborn photoshoot, London?

I’m frequently asked what actually goes on during a newborn photoshoot London. I mean, is it as simple as laying the baby down on a soft blanket and snapping away? How long does it take? What does Baby need to wear? Does my baby need to sleep throughout? And so on. By the way you can find the answers to these questions and more on my newborn photography page.

So I thought, after photographing newborns for many, many years, it was about time I actually made a video of a typical session from start to finish. The amazing Toni from Sugar Sweet Productions filmed me capturing this little beauty, Kayaani, in my Muswell Hill studio.

As you can see in the video I gently pose Kayaani into a variety of poses, seamlessly transitioning from one pose to the next so that the little man is fast alseep throughout the entire photoshoot!

How long did this whole photoshoot take?

Typically a newborn photoshoot in my studio takes 2-3 hours. This includes all the time you need to feed and care for your little bubba, as well as feed and change him. This video is 5 minutes of the best bits.

A baby boy is wrapped in a grey blanket during a newborn photoshoot London
A boy sleeps softly during a newborn photoshoot London
A boy sleeps during a newborn photoshoot London

Classic, neutral and fresh

In keeping with my pregnancy photography, I love to photograph babies on neutral, timeless backdrops and blankets. You’ve taken your baby to be photographed after all, not what she’s wearing or what she might be lying on.

There are many different styles of baby and newborn photography. Mine is clean, simple and timeless. There are no silly hats and OTT outfits. I keep the focus all on the baby. That’s just me though, obviously everyone has their own style and tastes.

I’d also say that the best place to do a newborn photoshoot London, I believe, is in a studio, where the lighting, temperature and ambience can be controlled and calming. Of course I can do newborn photoshoots in your own home, capturing more of a documentary style of the family – it just depends what style feels right for you.

Pick your style

Style is something we will talk a lot about in your consultation before you even begin your photoshoot. I want to make sure I understand where you’re coming from so I can tailor any images to what you want and what your goals are.

For example, would you like images for a family album? Or stunning art pieces for the wall? Are you designing and decorating your home and want some fabulous works of art – that actually mean something to you – to pop up in your home? I can help with all of that!

Make your house a home

Ask yourself – what do you want to do with your newborn images after you’ve got them? It’s all very well going to a newborn photoshoot, London, to get some stunning shots. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking the job ends there. It doesn’t.

OK, you can keep the images on a memory stick in your drawer, but what goes is that? The technology may go out of date or the stick might become corrupted, or you might simply lose it. You must print out!

You can browse my range of the finest albums and frames sourced from all over the world including Portugal, Italy and Scotland. I’ll help you to print out your images so you can actually enjoy them. See a sample of the  frames and finishes I offer to get a feel for what you could get.

A stunning collection of wall frames hang over a baby nursery following a Muswell Hill baby photography shoot
Mother cradles baby during a newborn photoshoot London
Mum and Dad hold their newborn baby in front of a flashlight during a baby photographer Muswell Hill session.

Let it go!

If I had a penny for every time a new mum told me she most definitely did NOT want to be in the photos. After all, you’ve just given birth and may not be feeling your best. You might have gained a bit of baby weight and so think that now is not the time to get in front of a camera. Maybe you think now isn’t the time for a newborn photoshoot, London, but you’ll do it maybe later, when she grows a little and you’ve lost the weight.

I hear you.

I’m a mum, I’ve been pregnant twice and went through two natural childbirths, the first of which was pretty tricky. I absolutely did not feel my best afterwards.

However, seven years on and I can say one of the best things I ever did was capture both my sons on camera, in a beautiful, calm and gorgeous setting. These photos of their early days are some of the best memories I have from the baby fog you get otherwise after childbirth.

If you wait for the ‘right moment’, that right moment may never come and you’ll miss the chance to capture the most important thing in your life.

Flattering lighting

The way I photograph new mums is very sensitive to the fact you may not be feeling or looking your best. I use the best industry lighting, and 15+ years knowledge of how to position my camera and what lens to use to get the best, flattering angles.

Everyone who walks through my door is able to look truly stunning in their photos. No matter your size I’ll make sure you look your best.

Do it for your tiny child, who will love to see a photo of you holding them as a newborn when they grow up. How many times do we take images of our kids but we’re not actually in the photos ourselves? This is your chance to be seen. Be recorded. Make a legacy.

Newborn ‘poses’.

Simple, classic and current is my goal. I am confident the images I take will last a lifetime, if not be passed down through the generations. This is because I don’t use gimmicks or props that easily go out of fashion.

If you’re a fan of ‘timeless’ then you’ll be pleased to know I deliberately don’t pose Baby into ‘overly posed’ positions. Although I am fully trained in all the newborn poses – and Baby safety is always my top concern – I choose not to do some of the more complicated ones, as it’s not really my bag.

I prefer to keep things natural during a newborn photoshoot London and be Baby-led. Some babies don’t like lying on their tummies for example, others love it so much they fall asleep straight away. I go with the flow and do what’s right for each Baby, not just a blanket set of poses that I was taught.

You will see me trying to capture all sides of their personality, from up close personal shots to full body images.

You’ll walk away with a full portrait study of Baby, including with you parents holding him. Images you can treasure and cherish forever.

A stunning arrangement of fabric around the baby during a newborn photoshoot London can make the photo sing
A baby sleeps on a white linen beanbag as part of his North London photography shoot

Are you about to have a baby? Or have you recently given birth?

Ask yourself… would you ever get you and your newborn baby photographed?

If not, what’s holding you back? 

Tell me in the comments below.

A little hand is photographed as part of a newborn photoshoot London
Tiny feet are the focus of this image from the latest newborn photographer North London session

It’s all in the detail

Experiencing a top newborn photoshoot in London should leave you feeling excited and happy, with some wonderful memories to walk away with.

For me, it’s all in the planning and the detail before the photoshoot. I consult with you before we even meet in the studio to find out what it is you’re looking for in a photographer and what you plan to do with the images after the photoshoot.

If I know you’re after a handprinted album I will photograph the session slightly different than if you said you wanted a wall art gallery to go up your stairs, for example.

Personal style

Your home decor and personal taste also play a huge part. What colours do you prefer? What are the colours of your house? What are your favourite interior design styles? If you had an unlimited budget, which home decor shop would you live in, and why?

Once I find out the answers to these questions I can plan the photoshoot around your hopes and wishes, so that then I don’t just take gorgeous images but works of art you’ll be proud to display around your home.

Muswell Hill baby photographer Louisa Peacock

Louisa is the owner of Louisa Peacock Photography and runs an award-winning studio in her own home in Muswell Hill. She specialises in maternity, family, baby, and newborn photography in the studio or out and about in London’s beautiful parks. Above all her photoshoots are relaxed, fun, and meaningful.

Like what you see?

Ring me for a free consultation today. I know how daunting it can be to book a newborn photoshoot in London, so I’m here anytime to chat through any questions you have. I promise not to bombard you with sales talk and I’ll listen to what you want in a photographer.

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