Muswell Hill photography: What’s the best age for baby photography?

The different types of photoshoot and when’s the best time to do it

I’m often asked what’s the best age for baby photography? Should it be within 5 days of birth (yes, that soon), or should I wait until he’s actually awake a bit more and doing things, like rolling onto his tummy or attempting to crawl?

There’s no right and wrong answer here, you can pause time and capture some really amazing memories no matter how old your baby is. It depends how you feel and what you’re hoping to get out of the photos.

Below I outline the different types of photoshoot available so you can pick what feels right for you.

Baby does tummy time as part of Muswell Hill photographer shoot

We’re so pleased we took the time to photograph our baby girl before she could walk. Louisa really managed to capture her true personality and these are the photos we’ll love forever.

When babies are happy they can fall asleep in my studio without any blankets or hats on. So cute.
One of my bestsellers, the baby photographer London album is an heirloom
Work of art: Muswell Hill baby photography an be so much more than just a photo.


A really popular time to get baby booked in for a photoshoot is right after birth. Especially, as every mum will know, those first few weeks with a newborn go by in a flash. You’re sort of in a baby fog and it’s hard to remember how tiny your baby actually is – so marking their little features so young is a great way to make tangible memories.

Typically, to get those dreamy, newborn sleepy shots, new babies are photographed between 5 and 12 days old.

This is because they’re still so sleepy and little that they can settle and feel happy in my lovely soft linen blankets, and drift off to a warm sleep while I photograph them. They barely even know I’m there!

A newborn shoot in my studio typically lasts a few hours, and is centred around Baby’s needs, from feeding and changing to cuddling and rocking. It’s a magical time and I’m privileged to be part of these moments.

Baby milestones (1-3 months)

If your baby is around a month old and starting to show signs that she’s more alert and awake – perhaps even the odd smile – this is a lovely age to capture.

One month baby photoshoots are quite popular as it celebrates Baby’s first month on planet Earth and starts to show their little personalities.

Some parents wait a little longer for their baby to display even more life skills, such as rolling onto their tummies or beginning to smile and respond to their name and sounds.

Typically ‘tummy time’ photoshoots take place around the three-four month mark. You’re unlikely to capture your baby sleeping at this age as they’re so inquisitive they want to be part of the action!

Baby photographer Muswell Hill: A newborn is alert during his studio session
Tummy time: At around three months babies will start to practise tummy time
A baby is really excited to play with a new toy during his sitting up photography session in Muswell Hill
A mum cuddles her baby making him laugh during a studio based photoshoot

Sitting up

A wonderful age to photograph is when your little one can sit up unaided. It’s such an amazing achievement and one to be caught on camera before they start crawling – and walking – for real!

Typically babies around 6-7 months can sit up unaided, although it may take a bit longer. I can use all sorts of toys and sounds to make them giggle and have fun, capturing their little personalities as well as a complete portrait study of them.

Often babies and mamas enjoy this photoshoot as it’s all about having fun; kind of like a mini playdate where we play a few peekaboo games and have gentle music on.

Louisa really put my toddler at ease. From the moment we arrived we were welcomed and found the whole thing from start to finish great fun. My little girl kept asking to go back for more!

Standing… toddling

The ultimate milestone is when your tiny teeny baby is suddenly standing tall. Perhaps she’s managed to grasp onto something and stand up. Maybe she’s full on walking and will enjoy exploring my studio with all my lovely baby-friendly toys.

Either way this is a really exciting age to capture as you can see your little one become a little boy or girl right in front of your eyes! Their personalities are well and truly starting to come out now and you can capture some gorgeous shots.

As you know by now, babies change so quickly – and as I hope is becoming clear, there is no right or ‘best’ age for baby photography really. It’s lovely however, to mark babies’ changing featured with a milestone photoshoot so you don’t forget this moment.

Often parents tie in a ‘toddling’ photoshoot with their child’s first birthday. We can even get a cake for the occasion and let them loose with that for a bit of fun towards the end of the photoshoot.

Most babies will have tried solids by now and so being allowed to explore and grab at yummy cake makes for a memorable and fun experience. (And don’t worry about the mess: I’ll take care of all of that!)

A happy baby poses during his baby photographer London session
This baby is just starting to stand up during her Muswell Hill baby photographer session
Muswell Hill baby photographer Louisa Peacock

Louisa is the owner of Louisa Peacock Photography and runs an award-winning studio in her own home in Muswell Hill. She specialises in family, baby and newborn photography in the studio or out and about in London’s beautiful parks. Above all her photoshoots are relaxed, fun and meaningful.


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