As we emerge out of lockdown – YESSSSS! – I am tallying up the photoshoot worthy cafes and restaurants I’ve missed so dearly on my local highstreet – and cannot wait to get back to them.

Here’s my pick of the best ‘photoshoot worthy’ cafes and restaurants opening their (outdoors) doors on April 12 which I’ll probably see you at…!

Sadly we still cannot sit inside but thanks to the genius of reinvention and these local businesses rising to the challenge, you can still get some amazing take-aways going. Support local!

North London photographer Louisa Peacock shares her top photoshoot worthy cafes

The Crocodile Cafe has long been a photo worthy venue says North London photographer Louisa Peacock

The Crocodile Cafe, Muswell Hill Broadway

If you didn’t manage to get to the Crocodile Cafe before Lockdown 3, go check it out as soon as it reopens. For now they’ve opened the shop front up so you can get coffee and doughnuts. Mmmmm.

And when the time is right…

Not only is this little oasis perfect for kids with an actual Wendy house to explore while you sip your cuppa, they opened up little greenhouse huts round the back for you to sit in and be cocooned away from the hustle and bustle of life. And you can sit safely in your own bubble so it’s COVID-friendly!

You can sit inside (when allowed) but who would want to with this amazing outdoor space?

La Dinette, 3-5 Fortis Green Road

This gorgeous little ’boutique’ cafe, La Dinette feels tucked away enough even though it’s right smack bang in the middle of Fortis Green Road. Perhaps it’s something to do with it tucked between a beautiful flower shop, a gorgeous homewares shop and a string of other ‘artsy’ independent shops that La Dinette has so much charm. And so much photography appeal. Everywhere you look there are gorgeous little details that make your coffee experience just that: an experience.

We will keep taking away from this place until the Government allows otherwise. But when it reopens properly, we’ll be there with bells on!

(Image: from La Dinette’s Insta page).

La Dinette is just a few minutes walk away from Louisa Peacock Photography, the North London photographer
La De Kitchen is a lovely restaurant near North London photographer Louisa Peacock

La De Kitchen, Muswell Hill Broadway

One of the best photoshoot worthy cafes for sure, La De Kitchen always looks a little bit more posh nosh than some other cafe spots in the area. Ordinarily I might think it not the perfect place for toddlers and babies – given it’s trying to give off a little bit of class to the area? But post lockdown – hey I’m not caring about that anymore! I think it’s time we swapped coffee for a brunch, plus a champagne, don’t you? Even if it’s on a picnic bench…

Sable d’Or, Muswell Hill Broadway

I know, I know, it’s a chain. But Sable d’Or is only a small chain with just three shops. The one in Muswell Hill boasts a friendly and unique space within the busy high street, and it’s always really hearty in there. It’s cakes in the shop window are eye-candy, if not actual candy! I could spend hours photographing the cakes alone… And then of course I’d have to sample each one…

Sable Dor's cakes tempt North London Photographer Louisa as she walks by