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Muswell Hill baby photographer: What I’m about

Thanks for visiting my page all about being a Muswell hill baby photographer.

How would I describe my work? Pure and unadulterated baby photography.

Your newborn really is perfect just the way they are – I don’t think they need a mountain of props or fluffy hats to show of their gorgeous personality.

So as your leading newborn and baby photographer, I keep things elegant, classic and timeless.

Studio sessions

There’s something extra special about stripping away all the ‘frills’, the blankets, the funny props and knitted hats and photographing your baby: just as he is.

Photographing babies in my cosy studio allows you to get a complete portrait study without any other distractions.

Clean, simple, fresh.

Newborn photography at its finest.

Day In The Life

If the studio environment isn’t for you, have you considered hiring me to come into your home and take Day In The Life style, candid photos of your new arrival? Or perhaps we can meet in a park and capture some truly original memories of your growing family?

Sometimes these photos evoke the most magical emotions, especially if there are older siblings involved! You suddenly realise how big and grown up your firstborn is when you see them alongside your newborn.

Being one of the top-rated Muswell Hill baby photographers, I can capture life as it really is, with no edits or fakery!!

If you enjoy photojournalism and fun, candid photoshoots then a session in the comfort of your own home or a local park might be for you.

Muswell Hill baby photographer Louisa Peacock tries to capture moments between siblings

My style

It struck me a while ago that my style of photography is quite different to many newborn and family photographers out there. I keep things simple, stripped back, straight forward.

Aesthetically, I think this is pleasing and the best way of doing things.

But there’s more to it than that.

For me, choosing not to use lots of props and backdrops and wraps means I’m choosing to focus purely on your baby. I believe wholeheartedly that your baby is enough.

They are gorgeous, perfect, and wonderful – just the way they are.

When I was growing up, I felt a constant need to strive for perfection. I still feel it. A mixture of strict parenting and always trying to please, I felt like I’d failed at something if I missed a point. During school, 9/10 for me, would have been a failure: why didn’t I get that extra point? I find it really hard sometimes to focus on the things I do well, to celebrate those wins rather than always striving to improve and do better. I’ve written more about that on my blog.

Over the years of practising photography, I’ve realised that my style, and my deep-held traits about perfectionism have combined. It happened naturally at first, I didn’t even realise why I was photographing in my particular style – only that I knew I liked it.

Perfection ain’t real

I’ve delved deep into my reasoning and now I realise that through my art, through photographing babies and newborns the way I do, I’m actually exploring the concept of perfection.

I’m exploring: what does it mean to be good enough?

And I’m asking: does perfection exist? And if so what does it look like? Can perfection actually include flaws and loving something for all that they are, not what they think they should look like?

So photographing in a simple and fresh way – just the baby – with a few neat camera techniques and simple backdrops, minimal wraps and so on: I’m actually forcing the viewing to look Baby straight in the face and say: ” Wow! Perfection”. To say, that baby is good enough – is perfect, in fact – in his own way.

Of course, all babies, all people are different. Different skin tones, different sizes, different characters, different features. Some babies have spots and freckles on their skin. Some have more hair than others. Some are fatter, thinner, shorter, taller. And so on. And yet each and every baby is perfect. And that’s to be celebrated.


I feel so strongly about this that I’ve started a new campaign on social media called #asyouaremotherhood.

This campaign celebrates that as mums, we can’t and won’t always be ‘perfect’ when it comes to raising our children.

Still, we are doing our best, we are doing enough. And that really is enough.

We shouldn’t feel the constant need to improve and we shouldn’t feel so guilty when we get it wrong sometimes. Like with our children, we are good enough, just the way we are.

Check out the campaign and share your tips for doing things as you are, not how you think you should be!

As seen in

JoJo Maman Bebe, Grazia, Mamas & Me

Who am I?

Hello, I’m Louisa, a mum of two boys living in Muswell Hill and an award-winning Muswell Hill baby photographer.

My portraits of children have been displayed in local high street shops like JoJo Maman Bebe and my photography is featured across a wide range of publications from the Telegraph to Grazia.

Having a baby is one of the most life-defining moments. Literally, everything changes. It’s such a cliche but it’s true, your whole perspective on life alters once you’ve got a little one to care for. I understand this change first-hand but also have had the opportunity to photograph over 100 families over the years, meaning I’ve chatted to so many parents about the ‘mum juggle’.

It’s from this perspective that I photograph you and your children.

My top priority is to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed and that I always make sure you feel natural and having fun. I’m all about capturing genuine moments and want to celebrate how amazing you and your growing family are.

And I’ll listen to what you want in a photographer so we can make sure that we capture the most amazing photos of your new arrival.

Read more about Louisa

With 15 years’ experience in photography I’m confident I can offer you a photoshoot that suits your needs. Please call me on 07340 755779 or email me lou@louisapeacock.com – or simply click the button below now.

Muswell Hill baby photographer Louisa Peacock

What People Say: Muswell Hill Baby Photographer

Discover for yourselves why my clients consistently rate me 5 stars

“I was impressed by the photos Louisa took of my newborn girl, they are so beautiful and unique. Now I can cherish them for the years to come as they are so special. Thank you Louisa for the amazing memories and the amazing work.”

“We really love them and are so glad we took the time to do them when she was so young – she won’t stay like this forever.”

A girl plays with a stick in the park during a children photographer London session

“Beautiful photography from a lovely, warm and friendly Louisa. Our baby just looked perfect in the photos as she captured her natural beauty so well. Very talented photographer.”

A newborn baby wakes up during a family photographer London at home session

“Gorgeous shots. Just lovely.”

The whole experience with Louisa was perfect. From the moment we made our booking, to the final viewing of the photos, she took care to explain everything clearly, and provided all the essentials on the day of the shoot so we could relax as parents to a newborn. The photos are beautiful and will forever remind us of that special time in our lives.

Louisa is a true professional and delight with to work with; her gorgeous images speak for themselves: stripped back, pure and without the need for props, gimmicks or fancy outfits. From the moment we stepped into her gorgeous North London studio, we were put at ease and talked through every step of the process.

We cannot wait to see the final images and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have their baby photographed in the best possible way- Images to treasure forever.

Thank you Louisa.

I’d love to chat!

If you’re looking to hire a Muswell Hill baby photographer but aren’t sure when to book, who to pick or what style of photography you’re after then book in a free, no-obligation chat with me.

I can take you through what it’s like to have a photography session with me and what you can expect to receive.

It’s all about finding out what you want from a baby photographer and meeting your wishes. I’m friendly and there’s absolutely no pressure to buy anything from me.